Gala night Opening January 20

Show running from Friday Jan 21- 26 2022

Virtual Show: Jan 23- 30 2022

The Prom by Tony Beckley



DIMENSIONS (Height - 61.00 cm X Width - 91.00 cm )
MEDIUM ON BASE Acrylic on Canvas
GENRE Seascape
REGISTERED NRN # 000-37238-0154-01
COPYRIGHT © Tony Beckley
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Artist: Tony Beckley


My True Love. 
I paint with acrylics on canvas mostly using realism to explore and portray the interest and beauty that exists in the world around us. Usually I start with a pencil sketch in my painting diary. I don't necessarily paint it straight away, but often visit the diary as inspiration for future work. 
Before committing to canvas I source reference material to understand the structure of the components I'm about to paint. In the case of crashing waves – understanding how they function in an ocean scene – or the nature of undergrowth when embarking on an outback painting. For me, all these details add interest and understanding before I commit to canvas. 
As an artist I do not merely want to capture the image with my brushes, rather with careful strokes, I want the viewer to come on a journey with me, to share and explore the infnite vastness of the many and varied Australian landscapes. 
My true love is the challenge of capturing the the things that inspires me.

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